How do you calculate the interest on my account?

Interest on your savings account is accrued daily, compounded monthly and credited to your available balance at the end of each month.

How is my 360 Checking interest amount calculated?

Your interest is calculated daily by multiplying your interest rate by the balance in your account at the end of the day, and dividing by 365. (Divide by 366 when it’s a leap year.) Keep in mind, most deposits begin earning interest 2 business days after they’re initiated (so don’t include a new deposit in your calculations). Direct Deposits, like your paycheck or Social Security, begin earning interest immediately.

Your "Interest Earned This Month" is a total of the daily interest that has accrued to your 360 Checking since the beginning of the month. Your interest accrues daily, is compounded monthly, and is credited to your account at the end of the month.

When do deposits start accruing interest and how long are they on hold in my savings account?

Interest starts accruing on your deposit the next business day after being processed.

Most deposits into 360 Savings or Kids Savings Account are subject to a 5 business day hold before they can be withdrawn. For security reasons, your initial deposit used to fund the account is on hold and unavailable for withdrawal for 10 business days.

Note: Your initial deposit must clear the initial 10 business day hold time before any additional deposits become available. For example, if you make your initial deposit on December 8th and make an additional deposit December 11th, both deposits will be on hold until the first deposit clears the initial 10 business day hold.

Electronic deposits that are automatically initiated outside the bank – like Direct Deposit or Social Security benefits – are generally available immediately. Transfers between Capital One 360 accounts are also available immediately. Both begin earning interest right away.

Deposits into 360 Checking are slightly different. Learn more.

Transfers, Interest, and Hold Times

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