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Top 10 Questions

Why was ING DIRECT sold?

As we told you back in June 2011, our parent company — ING Group — agreed to sell ING DIRECT USA as part of a restructuring agreement with the European Commission.

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Is my account info the same?

Yes, your account numbers, Username (Saver ID)/Customer Number and Password/Sign In PIN are exactly the same. Same goes for your Saver ID and any account nicknames. You don’t have to do a thing.

Are my external linked checking accounts affected?

No, any external accounts you currently have set up as links remain the same. And don’t worry about notifying your bank about the name change – we took care of it for you. Plus, the way you transfer cash is still as easy as always.

Did the routing number change?

Our routing number for your checking, savings,  business, personal loan and home equity accounts is the same: 031176110. However, if you have a mortgage and make your payments electronically from another bank, you'll need to update the routing number for your mortgage payments to the Capital One Home Loan number: 255071981.

Does my Electric Orange Debit Card still work?

Yep. Even though Electric Orange checking is now called 360 Checking, continue to use your Electric Orange Card to make purchases or grab cash just like you always have.

Will I receive a tax form?

You'll receive a 1099-INT tax form if:

  1. You have a 360 Savings, Kids Savings Account, CD, 360 Checking or MONEY
  2. You're the primary account holder on the account
  3. You earned a combined total of $10 or more in interest for all your accounts during the relevant tax year – this includes accounts you may have closed.

Keep in mind, if you received an account bonus, it may be reported to the IRS and/or your state as interest or miscellaneous income.

You'll receive a 1098 tax form if:

  1. You have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Easy Mortgage or Home Equity 
  2. You're the primary account holder on the account
  3. You paid interest during the relevant tax year
  4. You had $600 or more of an Easy Mortgage, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Home Equity or Auto Loan cancelled or forgiven

You'll receive a 1099-R tax form if:

  • You took a distribution from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings or IRA CD during the relevant tax year.

You'll receive a 5498 form if:

  • You made a contribution, conversion, recharacterization or rollover for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings or IRA CD during the relevant tax year and/or made a contribution for the relevant tax year between January 1 and the current tax filing deadline without an extension.

Your 5498 form will be available on our website by June 1, or mailed by this date if you receive paper statements.  

ShareBuilder by Capital One® Customers:

  • You may receive a separate 1099 for activity in your ShareBuilder by Capital One account. Look for an email from ShareBuilder by Capital One with instructions on how to access your tax form(s) online.

Capital One Auto Finance Customers:

  • If you qualify to receive a tax form based on the eligibility criteria above, your form will be mailed to you by February 1st.

What if I forgot my Customer Number or PIN?

If you've forgotten or lost your Customer Number, use our Online Customer Number Retrieval Tool:

  1. Go to and click 'My Accounts'.  
  2. Click on the 'Forgot your Customer Number?' link underneath the Customer Number field.
  3. Answer the security questions.
  4. If you answered the questions correctly, you'll be automatically taken to the sign in process with your Customer Number pre-filled.

If you've forgotten or lost your PIN, use our PIN Reset Tool:

  1. Sign in to with your Username (Saver ID)/Customer Number.
  2. Click 'Forgot your Password/Sign In PIN' on the next page.
  3. Confirm some personal information.
  4. If you answered the questions correctly, you can choose to have a text message or email sent to the email address or mobile phone number we have on file with a temporary 'Password/Sign In PIN Reset Code' (you can only use this code once and it's only valid for 2 hours if sent via email or 10 minutes by text).
  5. Go back to and sign in with your Username (Saver ID)/Customer Number.
  6. Enter your 'Password/Sign In PIN Reset Code.'
  7. Answer two security questions to confirm your identity.
  8. Select a new PIN between 6 and 10 digits in length.
  9. Your new PIN is automatically updated once you click 'Continue.'

Please Note: If we don’t have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file, you cannot use this tool to reset your PIN.

You can also give us a call at 1-888-464-0727 from 8 AM and 8 PM to request a new PIN by mail, which you'll receive in 5-7 days.

What's changed with my savings accounts?

The only thing that’s changed is a couple of names, but that’s it. Even the way you set up things like Automatic Savings Plans is exactly the same.

Has anything changed with my Electric Orange checking (now 360 Checking) and MONEY accounts?

Not much at all. The only thing that’s changed is that your Electric Orange account is now called 360 Checking, but that’s it. Yep, that means experiences like paying bills and moving money (by doing things like Person2Person Payments) are exactly the same.

Can I use a Capital One Bank branch to service my Capital One 360 account(s)?

No, you can’t drop into a Capital One branch for help (the nice bankers won’t be able to pull up your account), but call us at 1-888-464-0727 from 8 AM to 8 PM and we can help you out.

Top 10 Questions

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