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What is it?

What is a Password/Sign In PIN?

The Password you choose will allow you to access your account(s) through our website, mobile app or over the phone. Your Password and PIN (Personal Identification Number) are for you only and should never be told to anyone else, even a bank Associate.

If you speak with an Associate over the phone, you'll be asked to electronically verify your PIN by dialing the 6-10 digit number into the keypad on your phone. You'll also need your PIN to access your account(s) via our Interactive Phone Service at 1 888-464-7868.

Please memorize your Password and PIN. For security reasons, the PIN you select will not be repeated back to you at any time.

Can I change the PIN that is mailed to me?

You have the option to change your PIN after you activate it.

To change it online:

  1. Sign in to with your Customer Name or Saver ID and PIN.
  2. Click on the 'My Info' tab.
  3. Click the ‘Edit Information’ link in the ‘PIN’ section and follow the directions.

To change it by phone, you can call the Interactive Phone System 24/7 at 1-888-464-7868.

Why do I have to have both a Password and a Security Answer?

For added protection, we require all Customers to have both a Password and security questions/answers on file. You’ll need to enter both when signing in to; however, you can skip your security questions by registering your computer.

If you call us and are unable to verify your PIN (Personal Identification Number), we can still access your account if you correctly answer your security questions and provide other information.

Does my joint account holder need to have a different Password than I have?

No. You and your joint account holder can choose to have the same Password if you want. However, you must use your own individual Username when accessing the account.

What's changing about the way I sign in to

As part of the Capital One® family, we're making the switch from Customer Number and PIN to Username and Password.

What are the Password requirements

Your Password must meet the following requirements:

  • must be between 8 and 32 characters
  • any combination of letters and/or numbers
  • must include at least 1 letter and 1 number

What Capital One accounts does this Username/Password change apply to?

It applies to all your Capital One® accounts, including Capital One 360®, Capital One Credit Card and Capital One Bank® accounts. Once you make the switch, you can use the same Username and Password to sign in to all your accounts.

There are two exceptions – if you have a Business account with Capital One Credit Card and/or Capital One Bank, you'll need to keep separate sign in info for that account. Also, for now, your new Username and Password will also stay separate from your Capital One Investing® sign in info.

So where do I sign in to my Capital One 360 and Capital One accounts now?

You'll continue to access all your accounts the same way you always have. HOW you sign in's the only thing that's changing.

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