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My Savings Goals

Why can't I set up more than one goal?

You can have as many goals as you like, but you can only have one goal set up per account (360 Savings or Kids Savings Account). The good news is you can have as many accounts as you’d like - for free.

Why can't I set a goal with my 360 Checking?

360 Checking is great for avoiding fees on your everyday money and when paying bills. With that in mind, your 360 Checking balance is more likely to change on a daily basis. By setting a goal on your 360 Savings or Kids Savings Account, you can accurately track your progress.

Why don't I see my 360 Savings or Kids Savings Account in the account selection field?

You can only select 360 Savings accounts or Kids Savings Accounts that do not currently have an active goal set up. But remember, you can open another account Opens a new window.

If I set up a goal, will Capital One 360 make automatic transfers from my other accounts?

No. We will recommend setting up an Automatic Savings Plan, but setting a goal will not create automatic transfers on its own.

Where can I see the goals I’ve already reached?

You can view any of your achieved goals under the ‘Great Saves’ tab.

What’s the difference between the two calculators in the ‘Set a Goal’ step?

Well, one calculator lets you choose the date you want to reach your goal. This is ideal for gifts, vacations, and other goals that need to be met by a certain date.  The other lets you pick how much you can afford to contribute regularly, which is perfect for Savers who have a specific budget in mind.

Can I edit a goal?

Yes, you can edit active goals. If you want to edit a goal, just go to the ‘My Goals’ tab and select the ‘Change’ button.

I forgot how much the calculator tool said I should save. How can I view that information again?

In order to view how much you should save again, go to the ‘My Goals’ tab and click on the button located in the ‘Automatic Savings Plan’ box. Whether or not you already have an Automatic Savings Plan set up, the blue message at the top of the page will let you know how much you’ll need to save and how often just like the calculator did.

Can I view my goals using the mobile app?

You can't view goals using the mobile app but you can using the mobile version of our website.  If you’d like to set up a goal or view past goals just go to the 'full site.'

Can I set up goals for my business accounts?

No, you currently can only set up goals for 360 Savings and Kids Savings Accounts.

Will I be notified of my progress as I reach my goal?

Yes, you will be notified of your progress through email when you reach 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your goal. In addition to being notified by email, you will be able to check on your progress anytime online.

What are My Savings Goals?

College in the future? Need a new car? My Savings Goals helps you calculate a goal and then track your saving journey every step of the way. First, tell us what type of goal you’re saving for and how much it is, even give it a nickname. Next, we’ll let you know how much and for how long you need to contribute to reach it. Keep in mind, you can only have one goal per 360 Savings account or Kids Savings Account, but feel free to open multiple accounts for each of your goals.

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