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Add/Remove Linked Accounts

How do I add a link?

You can add a link online or through the mail by following the steps below.

To add a link online:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on 'Add Link', enter your new external account link information, and answer a few security questions.
  3. Within 2 business days of adding the link, Capital One will make 2 small test deposits (each less than $1.00) into your external checking account, followed by one withdrawal for the total amount of the two test deposits.
  4. Review the activity on your external checking account to determine the small amount(s) 2-4 business days after adding the link.
  5. Once you have the amount(s), sign in to and click on the ‘External Accounts’ tab. Select ‘Unconfirmed’ and enter the amount(s).

Please Note: For new Capital One 360 accounts, your initial deposit will not be withdrawn until you verify ownership of your linked account by confirming these test deposits.

To add a link by mail:

  1. Send us a voided check from your checking account that you would like to link. The name pre-printed on the check must exactly match the name on your Capital One 360 account. You can void a check simpy by writing "VOID" across it.
  2. Write your Customer Number and the word "Link" on the memo line of the check.
  3. Keep in mind, the account you want to link must be a personal checking account and not a brokerage or money market account. "Starter" checks (checks without your personal information printed in the upper left corner) or checks with the words "payable through" cannot be used.
  4. Mail your personal check to add a link to:  
      Capital One 360
    P.O. Box 60
    St. Cloud, MN 56302-0060

Please Note: Once the link has been added, you will receive a letter by mail within 5-7 business days confirming the change to your link information.

How do I delete a link?

If you want to delete your link, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the 'External Accounts' tab
  3. Click the delete 'X' next to the link



If my checking account bank was recently bought by another bank do I need to update my link information?

In most cases, if you simply initiate a transfer, your bank will notify us of the change. Once we receive that information, we’ll update the bank name, account and/or bank routing numbers of your linked account on our side. This usually occurs within about a week of the transfer.

How do I change my external linked checking account?

If you only have one link on file, you’ll need to first add a new link and confirm it before you can delete the old one.

If you already have more than one link on file, just delete the link you no longer want and add the new external checking account. Remember, you must always have at least one valid external linked checking account on file.

Find out how Opens a new window to add a link.

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