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Unclaimed Property

What is escheatment?

Escheatment is the process of turning over "unclaimed or abandoned property" such as safe deposit boxes, savings accounts, stocks, and un-cashed payroll checks to the State. Every state has an "escheatment" or unclaimed property law that requires businesses to hand over these abandoned financial assets to the government.

What does 'unclaimed' or 'abandoned' property mean?

Property is classified as "unclaimed or abandoned" when a Customer doesn’t contact the bank where his/her money is held over an extended period of time and there has been no activity, such as deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiry or any other Customer initiated contact. This timeframe varies among States, but in most cases is three to five years.

Why is this done?

All States have unclaimed or abandoned property laws put in place with the intention of returning unclaimed or abandoned assets including deposits, stocks, and items in safety deposit boxes to their owners.

What happens once the funds are considered unclaimed/abandoned?

Capital One 360 is required (under State laws) to turn over those funds to the State of the Customer’s last known address. To reclaim your funds, you would have to go through a process with the unclaimed/abandoned property division of your State (which is something we’re trying to prevent from happening). You can locate your State’s unclaimed property program contact information at Opens a new window.

Will I be notified ahead of time before the funds are turned over to the State?

Yes. The Bank must make a diligent effort to contact the rightful owner. If the Bank is unsuccessful and there’s still no Customer-initiated activity, the Bank must turn over the funds to the State, where your funds may no longer accrue interest.

We use the mailing and email address we have on file for you to send you email notifications and a State-mandated letter warning you of impending escheatment. We make every effort to reach out to you to prevent escheatment, which is why it’s important to make sure the information we have on file for you is up to date.

What if Capital One 360 can't reach an account holder?

If we can’t contact the owner and there’s still no Customer-initiated activity, we must turn over the funds to the State, where your funds may no longer accrue interest and are no longer held by Capital One 360.

How can I prevent this?

Simply contact us before your funds reach your state-determined timeframe of inactivity when funds are classified as "unclaimed or abandoned". As a rule of thumb, we encourage you to contact us ONCE A YEAR one of the following ways (be sure to have your log in information handy):


  • Sign in to your account 24/7 at
  • Call our Interactive Phone Service with 24/7 access at 1-888-464-7868
  • Speak to an Associate at 1-888-464-0727 from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week


If you’ve lost or forgotten your sign in information, find out how to retrieve your Username or Password.

Also, be sure to verify that all your information is up to date. Simply sign in to and select the ‘My Info’ tab.

What if I have more than one account?

As long as you contact us one of the ways listed above, all of your accounts will be covered.

Does interest posting on the account show that I have not abandoned my account?

No, interest posting on an account is not considered Customer-initiated activity.

If I have a joint account holder and the joint holder signs in, is that enough?

We encourage both account holders to each sign in at least once a year to be safe. That way, if you have any single or individual accounts, you’ll be covered.

What if one of the account holders is a minor?

Minors are also subject to the escheatment process, if there’s been no Customer-initiated activity. The adult joint account holder must contact us one of the ways above to prevent the funds held in the account being shared with the minor from being classified as "unclaimed or abandoned".

How do I know if I have any unclaimed property?

You can search the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators at Opens a new window to see if your State is holding any money which belongs to you.

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