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Top 10 Questions

What is Capital One 360's Routing Number?

Our Bank Routing Number is 031176110. This is the same routing number for your checking, savings, business, personal loan and home equity accounts. If you are setting up a direct deposit, please make sure you use your Account Number.

However, if you have a mortgage and want to make your mortgage payments electronically from another bank, you'll need to use the Capital One Home Loan Routing Number for your payments: 255071981.

What if I forgot my Username and/or Password?

Having trouble logging in? Don't worry, we have a couple of tools to help you with your sign in information.

If you've forgotten your Username, use our Online Username Help tool:

  1. Go to and click 'Sign In'
  2. Click on the 'Forgot your Username' link
  3. Answer the security questions correctly
  4. You'll then be asked to enter your password
  5. If you enter your password correctly, you will be taken to your account
If you've forgotten your Password, use our Online Password Reset Tool
  1. Sign in to with your Username
  2. Click 'Forgot your Password?'
  3. Confirm some personal information
  4. If you answered the questions correctly, you can choose to have a text message or email sent to the mobile phone number or email address we have on file with a 'Temporary Password'
  5. Go back to and sign in with your Username
  6. Enter your Temporary Password
  7. Create your new Password
  8. Your new Password is automatically updated once you click 'Continue'

Please Note: If we don't have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file, you cannot use this tool to reset your password.

Need further assistance? You can also give us a call at 1-888-464-0727 from 8AM EST to 8PM EST, 7 days a week.

Will I receive a tax form?

You'll receive a 1099-INT tax form if:

  1. You have a 360 Savings, Kids Savings Account, CD, 360 Checking or MONEY
  2. You're the primary account holder on the account
  3. You earned a combined total of $10 or more in interest for all your accounts during the relevant tax year – this includes accounts you may have closed.

Keep in mind, if you received an account bonus, it may be reported to the IRS and/or your state as interest or miscellaneous income.

You'll receive a 1098 tax form if:

  1. You have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Easy Mortgage or Home Equity 
  2. You're the primary account holder on the account
  3. You paid interest during the relevant tax year
  4. You had $600 or more of an Easy Mortgage, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Home Equity or Auto Loan cancelled or forgiven

You'll receive a 1099-R tax form if:

  • You took a distribution from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings or IRA CD during the relevant tax year.

You'll receive a 5498 form if:

  • You made a contribution, conversion, recharacterization or rollover for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings or IRA CD during the relevant tax year and/or made a contribution for the relevant tax year between January 1 and the current tax filing deadline without an extension.

Your 5498 form will be available on our website by June 1, or mailed by this date if you receive paper statements.  

ShareBuilder by Capital One® Customers:

  • You may receive a separate 1099 for activity in your ShareBuilder by Capital One account. Look for an email from ShareBuilder by Capital One with instructions on how to access your tax form(s) online.

Capital One Auto Finance Customers:

  • If you qualify to receive a tax form based on the eligibility criteria above, your form will be mailed to you by February 1st.

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

You can set up Direct Deposit one of three ways:

  1. Give your Capital One 360 Account Number and our Routing Number, 031176110, to your employer.
  2. Print our blank Direct Deposit form Opens a new window and fill in your information.
  3. Access our pre-filled Direct Deposit form after signing into, clicking your account, and going to the 'Documents' tab. Simply print it out, fill it in and give it to your employer.

Remember, you can choose to have all or only a portion of your paycheck direct deposited.

How do I make a deposit?

There are several easy ways you can make deposits into your 360 Savings, Money Market, Kids Savings, 360 Checking, MONEY or Business account.

External Link

To add a link online:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on 'Add Link', enter your new external account link information, and answer a few security questions.
  3. We will ask you to confirm ownership of your checking account by verifying 2 small amounts (you may see one or two small deposits - each less than $1.00) that we will deposit into your external checking account.
  4. Review the activity on your external checking account to determine the small amount(s) 2-4 business days after adding the link.
  5. Once you have the amount(s), sign in to and click on the ‘External Accounts’ tab. Select ‘Unconfirmed’ and enter the amount(s).

To add a link by mail:

  1. Send us a personal check payable to yourself that is pre-printed with your name and address, made out for a deposit amount of at least $1.00 from the new external account link. The name pre-printed on the check must exactly match the name on your Capital One 360 account.
  2. Write your Customer Number and the word "Link" on the memo line of the check and make sure you sign it (but do NOT endorse the check).
  3. Keep in mind that the account you would like to link must be a personal checking account, not a brokerage or money market account. Voided or "starter" checks (checks without your personal information printed in the upper left corner) or checks with the words "payable through" cannot be used.
  4. Mail your personal check to add a link to:

Capital One 360
PO Box 60
St. Cloud, MN, 56302-0060

Please Note: For your protection, if you add a link via mail, we place a temporary restriction on transfers to your new linked account for 5 business days from the date that it is received. This is a security measure to protect your money.


  • If you live near a 360 Café or Capital One Bank location, you can make a cash deposit at the ATM. Find out if there’s one near you.


  • Deposit a check from anywhere with Mobile Deposit using our mobile app to snap a picture of your check:
    1. Go to the Capital One mobile app and click your Capital One 360 account.
    2. Click the Deposit Icon (Note: If you're using an Android device, you'll need to select "Deposit Checks" in the menu on the top left of the screen)
    3. Fill in the info
  • Access Image Upload on your desktop:
    1. Sign in to
    2. Go to the 'Transfers & Deposits' tab.
    3. Select 'Deposit Checks' and choose 'Image Upload'.
    4. Follow the 4 easy steps.
  • If you live near a 360 Café or Capital One Bank location, you can make a check deposit at the ATM. Find out if there’s one near you.
  • Mail a check for deposit  (and be sure to include your Account Number on the check): 

Capital One 360
PO Box 60
St. Cloud, MN, 56302-0060

Direct Deposit

  • To set up Direct Deposit using any of the following options:
    • Give your Capital One 360 Account Number and our Routing Number, 031176110, to your employer.
    • Print our blank Direct Deposit form and fill in your information.
    • Access our pre-filled Direct Deposit form after signing into, clicking your account and going to the 'Documents' tab. Simply print it out, fill it in and give it to your employer.

How do I activate my Card?

Whether you're activating a new Card or reactivating one you temporarily deactivated, make sure you have your Card Number handy then follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to with your login credentials
  2. Click on the ‘Activate Card’ link underneath your ‘360 Checking’
  3. Enter the last four digits of your Card number, click ‘Activate Card', and then create a 4-digit Card PIN if the Card is attached to a new account

Then, start using your Card for purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Just sign the receipt (or enter your Card PIN) and go!

How do I find a free ATM?

It's easy. Just check out our ATM Locator Opens a new window. One in every 12 ATMs is within the Allpoint® Surcharge-Free Network, and many are located in national and regional retailers such as Costco®, CVS®, and Target® – so there's sure to be one close to you. Just look for the Allpoint logo:

Allpoint Logo

How do I set up my access for my personal financial management tool?

You’ll need an Access Code from us in order to set up your personal financial management tool with your Capital One 360 account.

Here’s how to create an Access Code:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select the ‘My Info’ tab.
  3. Go to 'Preferences' and choose the 'Access Code' section.
  4. Click on the ‘Create New Code’ button. We’ll generate an Access Code which you can use as your Password along with your Username (Saver ID)/Customer Number to sign in to the tool.

How do I set up Web Connect and download transactions in Quicken®?

Go to the following links to view detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up Web Connect and downloading transaction information.

Quicken for Windows®
Quicken for Macintosh®

I’ve noticed some changes to the website and my emails, what’s going on?

You’ll notice there’s been a few tweaks to our appearance, but not to worry, everything else will stay the same and is designed to deliver the same banking experience you know and love.

Here’s the scoop:

  • We’ve switched our colors on our website and in our emails and, as a result, you’ll notice more blue as part of our new look.
  • Our logo is now Capital One, so you’ll see the Capital One logo on our website and within our communications moving forward.
  • Our email address has changed to Capital One, so if you’ve been receiving emails from Capital One 360, they will now come from Capital One. 

Remember, you don’t have to do a thing -- we’ve just got a new and improved look and feel.

Top 10 Questions

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