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Address Book

Where do I find my Address Book?

To access your Address Book:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the ‘Payments' tab
  3. Select ‘Address Book’ from the menu above

How do I add a recipient to my Address Book?

You can add a recipient any of the following three ways after clicking on the 'Payments' tab:

Bill Pay:

  1. Select the ‘Add a Bill’ tab
  2. Add a:
    • Company with an account number - Search by the company name
    • Company without an account number or Person - Search by phone number
    • Person - Search by phone number

Address Book:

  1. Select ‘Address Book’ from the menu above
  2. Click on ‘Add’ at the bottom, right
  3. Type in the name and select how this recipient will be paid
    • Bill Pay or Mail a Check - Enter Biller Account Number, Address, and Phone Number
    • Person2Person Payment - Enter person’s Email Address, select whether or not their account is with Capital One 360 and enter the last four digits of their Account Number
  4. Click ‘Continue’

Scheduling a Person2Person Payment or Mailing a Check:

  1. On step 2 of setting up the payment, the Customer can add the payment information for the new recipient and it will be saved in the Address Book.

Do I need to enter address information every time I want to make a payment?

Nope – we’ll save that information for you.

Why do I see the same person listed twice in my Address Book?

A Bill Pay/Mail a Check Address Book entry is different from a Person2Person Payment Address Book entry. If you pay someone using both Bill Pay/Mail a Check and P2P Payments, you will have two Address Book entries for them.

How do I move billers to a group?

  1. Click 'Add/Manage Groups' to open the Add a Group and Manage Groups page.
  2. Find the bill you want to move to a different group.
  3. In 'Change Group', select a group.

I have too many billers, and I have to scroll to see them all. Is there any way that I can hide some of them?

Yes. You can create groups to make your billers easier to find in the Bill Pay Center. For example, you might create a "Utilities" group to organize your electric, cable, and telephone bills.

Here's how to create a group:

  1. Click 'Add/Manage Groups'.
  2. In 'Group Name', type a name for the group. The group's name can be 1-32 characters long, and it can contain any characters except angle brackets < >, equals sign =, or parentheses ( ).
  3. Click 'Add Group'.
  4. To assign billers to that group, find the biller you want to move to a different group.
  5. In the 'Change Group' dropdown menu, select the group you want to assign the biller to.

I don't see all of the people and companies I pay in the Bill Pay Center. Why are they missing?

If you created groups for your billers, you may have hidden a group. To check and unhide the missing groups:

  1. Click on 'Add/Manage Groups'.
  2. Look at the checkbox next to the word 'Show' in each groups header.
  3. If the checkbox is blank, that group is hidden.
  4. To display the group, click in checkbox next to 'Show', and then click 'Return to Payment Center'.

What is Quick Biller Add and how do I use it?

This functionality provides suggested billers you may want to use based on your region. They are displayed within individual industry categories, such as "Utilities" and "Telecom". Adding a biller is as easy as providing the account number for that bill. 

Do I have to use Quick Biller Add?

No, you can always add billers as you normally would. You can minimize this feature using the 'minus' sign in the upper right corner of the Quick Biller Add module.

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