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How long does it take for a payment to post to my auto account?

All payments are posted at the close of business (5 PM ET) on the business day they are received. After your payment has posted, it will be processed and appear on your account the following business day. To get your most recent payment history, view it online by logging in to your account.

Please allow a minimum of seven business days for your payment made by mail to be received.

Can I make extra payments? If so, how will the extra payments be applied to my account balance?

Yes, you can make payments to your account at any time. If you pay more than your Total Amount Due from your statement on or before your Payment Due Date, we will apply the extra amount to your principal balance.

Can I make a payment online for more or less than my regular payment amount?

Yes, you can now make a payment online for any amount greater than $0.01.

Can I make an auto account payment with my credit or debit card?

Capital One Auto Finance does not accept credit for making an auto account payment. We do however accept debit cards through an agent. Western Union and Money Gram do accept credit and debit cards to wire transfer funds to Capital One Auto Finance.

When will phone or Web payments post to my online account balance?

All payments received before 5 PM ET are posted at the close of business on the business day they are received. Payments received after 5 PM ET, on weekends, or other non-business days such as federal holidays, will post at the close of the next business day. After your payment has posted, it will be processed and appear on your account the following business day.

Example: Payments received on Tuesday before 5 PM ET will be visible on Wednesday, assuming neither of these days is a federal holiday.

View your most recent payment history online by signing in to view your account.

Where can I find my payoff balance?

Your account payoff balance can be viewed online by logging in to your account. The balance quoted is good for 10 days, to allow ample time for your payoff to be received and posted. Any overpayment will be refunded within 30 days.

I want to sell my car, but I have an outstanding balance. How can I get my title so I can give it to the buyer?

Capital One Auto Finance only releases a title or its equivalent, when the account is paid in full.

Where can I find my auto loan statement?

You can view your statement 24/7 online. Just sign in to  and click on the ‘eStatements’ tab. Keep in mind, you’ll still receive a statement in the mail. 

How do I set up my Capital One Auto Finance access for my personal financial management tool?

You'll need an Access Code from us in order to set up your personal financial management tool with your Capital One 360 account.

Here’s how to create an Access Code:

1. Sign in to
2. Select the ‘My Info’ tab.
3. Go to 'Preferences' and choose the 'Access Code' section.
4. Click on the ‘Create New Code’ button. We’ll generate an Access Code which you can use as your Password along with your Username (Saver ID)/Customer Number to sign in to the tool.

Please note that if you change your username, you’ll need to follow the steps above to set up your personal financial management tool again.

Will I be able to view all my accounts on the Account Summary page if I have an Auto Loan and Capital One card?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Auto Loans Customers who do not have a 360 deposit account (savings, checking, etc) will not be able to see their credit card information.

How can I save money by paying less interest and/or paying my loan off early?

If you make your payment every month on the due date, the loan will be paid off as scheduled. You can save my money by:

  • Adding money to each payment
  • Making an additional payment each year
  • Making bi-monthly payments

Each of these steps could help pay off your loan early since more of your payment will go towards the principal balance.

How is my interest calculated for each payment?

The amount of interest you pay depends on your interest rate (APR or Annual Percentage Rate), the amount of money borrowed (Principal), and the length of the loan (the term). Interest owed will be calculated by:

  1. Multiplying the loan balance by the daily periodic rate
  2. Daily periodic rate is calculated by dividing your APR by 365 (366 in a leap year)

For example, a loan with a current principal balance of $15,000 and an interest rate of 8.25% would accrue interest in the amount of $3.39 per day. In a 30 day month, the interest accrued would be $101.71.

  1. $15,000 * (.0825 / 365) = $3.39
  2. $3.39 * 30 = $101.71

Can I refinance my auto loan?

Capital One does not refinance auto loans currently serviced by Capital One.

Can I lower my APR?

Your APR is fixed and can't be changed, but you can take steps to pay less interest by:

  • Adding money to each payment
  • Making an additional payment each year
  • Making bi-monthly payments
  • Paying earlier than your stated due date

Why does my Auto Loan eStatement look different?

We've introduced a new and improved eStatement designed to help you better understand what's going on with your auto loan. View a guide to your new monthly statement.

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