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Credit Bureau Reporting

I reinstated my contract after repossession. How do I remove this from my credit report?

Capital One Auto Finance must report your account accurately. A valid repossession can’t be removed from your credit report.  

The dealership paid my account off late. Will Capital One Auto Finance remove the late payment?

You’re responsible for payments until the account is paid in full so make sure to follow up with your dealership to pay on time. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-946-0332.

Does Capital One Auto Finance complete validations?

Capital One Auto Finance will provide certain account information at your request. If you’d like a transaction history just call us at 1-800-946-0332 and speak to an agent or download your recent transactions on the website under the “Scheduled Payments and Transactions” tab.

How long will my account remain on my credit report?

Derogatory information remains on your credit report for up to seven years. Positive credit information may remain on your report for 10 years.

What's the difference between settled-in-full and paid-in-full?

A settled account still has a balance due that Capital One Auto Finance is forgiving. An IRS Form 1099C will be sent for the remaining forgiven balance if the forgiven balance is equal to or greater than $600. A “paid in full” account is at a true zero balance.

What's the difference between a charge-off and a closed account?

A “closed” account is at a zero balance. A “charged-off” account is an account over 120 days past due.

I am a co-borrower on an auto account. Why is this reporting on my credit report?

Borrower and co-borrowers are jointly liable for the debt, and Capital One Auto Finance reports information on the borrower and co-borrower to the credit bureaus. 

How do I dispute information on my credit report?

You can submit a written statement with the reason for the dispute along with any supporting documentation to:

Overdraft Line of Credit and Personal Loan Accounts:
Capital One 360
Attn: Credit Bureau Disputes
PO BOX 360
Wilmington, DE 19899

Auto Loans:
Capital One Auto Finance
Attn: Credit Bureau Disputes
PO Box 259407
Plano, TX 75025

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-946-0332.

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