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What is the earliest date I can make a payment?

For most bills, we can deliver your payment 2 business days after you submit the payment. If we send the payment by check, it can take 5 business days for your biller to receive it.

When you enter an amount for the payment, Bill Pay automatically displays the earliest date you can select to have the payment sent. You can either accept this date or change it to a later one.

How can I tell if a payment will be sent electronically or by paper?

When you set up a payment, the debit date and the pay date will give you an indication how the payment will be made. If the pay date is 1 business day after the debit date, it will be sent electronically. If the pay date is 4 business days after the debit date, it will be sent via paper.

I have several payments scheduled but not enough to cover them all. What will be paid?

Payments or withdrawals will always be prioritized in the following order when being paid.

  1. First, we'll pay all Cashier's Check payments
  2. Second, we'll process all scheduled Person2Person Payments
  3. Third is any other electronic fund transfers, such as a withdrawal to your linked checking account
  4. Lastly, Bill Payments scheduled for that day

We’ll then process all scheduled Bill Pay and Mail a Check instructions for that day from highest to lowest dollar amount.  We’ll attempt every scheduled payment until we use up your available balance (including your Overdraft Line of Credit). 

For example, if you schedule three Bill Payments for $1,000, $500 and $250 for the same business day, but only have $1,250 available (including your Overdraft Line or Credit), we’ll first pay the $1,000 payment.  Next, we’ll attempt the $500 payment. Since you won’t have enough funds to make the payment, it won’t be sent. Next, we’ll attempt the $250 payment, which will be processed since you have enough funds to cover it.

How can I find out when a paper check sent through Bill Pay has cleared?

You can view this info online or set up an email notification that will alert you when a check has been cleared.

To view this info online:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on your 360 Checking
  3. Click on the transaction in question
  4. The ‘Payment Cashed On’ field will list the date the check cleared or say ‘Not cashed yet’ if the check hasn’t cleared yet

To receive an email notification when a check is cashed:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the ‘My Info’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Edit Information’ link in the ‘Email Information’ section
  4. Select the ‘Paper Check Cashed Notification’ box and click ‘Accept’

I need to pay my landlord. They don't accept payments electronically. Help!

Rent is a bill like any other, so you can use Bill Pay:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the ‘Payments' tab and then on ‘Bill Pay’
  3. Add your landlord to Bill Pay
  4. Find your landlord in the Bill Pay Center, enter the rent amount and click on ‘Make Payments’
  5. A check will be sent to your landlord, it's that easy!

You could even set up an automatic payment to go out every month so you don’t have to think about it. You'll save time and money – no stamps, no envelope, no having to go put it in the mail slot. To set up an automatic payment:

  1. Click the ‘Auto Pay’ link in Bill Pay next to your landlord's name
  2. Choose ‘Set Up Auto Pay’

Why is the payment I scheduled to be sent today still listed in the ‘Pending and On Hold' section?

Rest assured, your payment will be sent. It’s considered pending while we verify the delivery type (electronic or paper) and the estimated arrival date. Once we receive this information, your payment will move to the ‘History’ section, somewhere around 10 PM.

How do I delete all of the payments associated with a recurring payment?

To delete the entire recurring payment series:

  1. Click on ‘AutoPay’ link next to the Biller with the recurring payment
  2. Choose ‘Stop AutoPay’

How do I know if I have an automatic payment set up for a biller?

If you click 'AutoPay' next to a biller in the Bill Pay Center, you'll either see a recurring payment rule you've set up or an option to set one up. You’ll also see the payment in your 360 Checking Account Details page in the ‘Scheduled’ section with a frequency of ‘Recurring’. To update or delete an automatic payment, select the biller in the Bill Pay Center and click the 'AutoPay' link.

How do I delete the next scheduled automatic payment without deleting the recurring payment series?

To delete the next scheduled automatic payment without deleting the entire series click on the ‘Cancel’ link next to the transaction listed in the ‘Pending Payments’ section in the ‘Bill Pay Center’.

What does the option of "amount of last payment" mean in the Set Up AutoPay option?

If you’re setting up a recurring payment for a set amount over a pre-determined amount of time, you can choose the option to have a different amount paid for the last payment on the end date you select.

Let’s say for example, you bought a flat screen TV for $1,500 and you have 12 months to pay it off.  You decide to make 11 monthly payments of $100 and then pay the entire remaining balance ($400) in the last monthly payment of the recurring payment series.  An end date must be selected in order to choose this option.

Why is the account number for my bills shortened in Bill Pay? Will it get to the right place?

We mask the full account number for your security. But don’t worry, we have all the information you entered saved and your payment will go to the right place.

How much can I make a bill payment for?

Bill Payments are limited to $100,000 per transaction.

What's a "Biller Initiated Check"?

A Biller Initiated Check, or "Sight Draft", happens when you give your account and routing number to a biller but the biller sends a paper request for payment rather than electronically withdrawing the funds from your account. We'll send the payment on your behalf for the amount requested to the biller.

What should I do if the biller information for some of my bill pay transactions is incorrect?

If you recognize a bill payment but the name or some of the biller details are incorrect please report this information on the website.

To report incorrect biller information:

1. Click on the transaction that has incorrect information
2. Click on the “Info not right? Report it.” link
3. Select the information that is incorrect and leave any necessary additional comments
4.  If the name is incorrect, we’ll switch the transaction back to the original details so you won’t see the wrong name.

Note: Once you switch the name back to the original details it cannot be reverted back to the clean name

If the bill payment that posted to your 360 Checking is unauthorized and you didn’t make the payment, you can investigate the payment.

To investigate the payment:

1. Click on the transaction you feel you would like to investigate
2. Click on the link at the bottom of the transaction to investigate payment
3. Leave a reason for your investigation inquiry and click submit

You can expect an email from us within 48 business hours after submitting your investigation.  To ensure we have your most up-to-date email address, click on the ‘My Info’ tab and verify your contact information.  To edit your email address, click ‘Change’ in the Email section.

As a joint account holder, where did my past bill pay activity go?

  • Only one account holder can view the collective bill pay history from before November 7, 2015. This view is available to the person who is more active on Bill Pay.
  • Both account holders can view all completed bill pay transactions on the account—just sign into and click on your 360 Checking.

If I have a joint 360 Checking, how does the Bill Pay Center work?

If you have a joint 360 Checking, here's some things to keep in mind with the Bill Pay Center:

  • Each individual account holder manages their own ‘Bill Pay’ view. This means that you and your joint account holder each schedule your own bill pay payments and see those transactions in your respective bill pay histories. Keep in mind, all Bill Pay transactions are viewable under your 360 Checking transaction history.
  • You each also maintain your own individual address book for payments.
  • Confirmation emails are sent to the person who schedules the payment, so remember to keep a valid email address on file.

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